Art Cards

I started making art cards because they were easy to send, receive, and trade. Plus, there's nothing like the challenge of creating a visually interesting painting on watercolor paper with dimensions of 3.5 x 2.5 inches of space in which to work.

All of my art cards are sold unframed, arrive inside a protective sleeve, and are ready for you to select the perfect frame to complement the artwork. My art cards range from ink paintings on paper, acrylic paintings, or a mix of acrylic, ink, and watercolor medium on paper.

My mission

After having my credit stolen for an art show in 2013, and running off to NYC, I quickly escalated toward a downward spiral. Realizing that I would never be able to have a career in art in the rotten apple, and after years of character assassination and social abuse... I took my pain and heartbreak and channeled it into creating artwork for real people who shun the superficial and mainstream.

The vision

I live in a city where people like me aren't supposed to exist. Instead of being able to give to others, provide value, and create and share my artwork, I was quickly smeared and derided. So, I look toward examining my emotions, grabbing hold of my personal, heartfelt values, and a love for alternative aesthetics, symbolist imagery, and the esoteric --- I combine all of these elements in a unique way to create my handpainted paintings on paper or wood.

Why choose Art Cards or ACEOs?

Art cards are a fun and easy way to collect the artwork of an emerging artist, without the hefty price tag. If you are committed enough to collecting art and love the aesthetic and voice of an artist, art cards are an excellent way to enhance the walls of your home, office, dorm, or to give the gift of art to another person.

Plus, there's nothing like supporting independent artists so they continue honing their craft!

Art cards are unframed, arrive in a protective sleeve, and measure 3.5 x 2.5 inches in size. They are all hand painted on hand-cut watercolor paper with the artist signature on the back and unique signature on the front.